About Us

Alternative Maintenance Service was founded by Darrell Hensley, President, in 1998 with the goal of putting the right people at the right job. Providing the solution for multi-craft affordable contracted labor on demand.

The AMS team is a family owned enterprise consisting of Darrell, and his two sons Shawn and Mitch. Shawn has been assisting the company in the role of Vice President for the majority of the company's existence. Mitch became a part of the company in 2012, acting in a management capacity.

This Sidney based company hires employees on a permanent basis to supply companies with dedicated workers in electrical/mechanical services, die maintenance, fabrication, along with other facets of industrialized work. AMS is not a temporary service! The company offers full benefits, stable work, 401k, health care, and paid vacations.

Offering a perfect mix of expertise and affordability!