Need-to-know Staffing Service Facts

What does it cost?
There are no upfront costs. When you use one of our craftsmen, you're billed the quoted hourly rate times the hours worked-that's it.

How are our craftsmen billed out?
Each is assigned an hourly rate based on skill level.

How do you access our craftsmen?
Simply call AMS with the type of craftsmen you are looking for. Our field representative will take that information and select the person who best meets your qualifications. You will then be advised on the specifics of the particular employee and be informed of their hourly rate.

When should you call AMS? How long does it take?
A distinct way to work with us is:
Planned Labor Partnering - Our most successful clients pre-determine their labor needs several days or even weeks in advance. By doing so, they can reserve employees they need or ensure that they'll be able to access larger numbers of craftsmen they will be needing.

Labor Satisfaction Guarantee
AMS guarantees that the worker sent to your jobsite will be of the quality you expect and have the knowledge you requested. If no, simply contact us with the first 4 hours and you will not be billed for that individual. We will quickly replace that worker.